Families are the fabric of our communities. Sometimes, however, keeping your family healthy, happy and well can feel like the hardest job in the world.
Intereach works with you as a parent or carer to build your skills, be strong and help take the stress out of caring for your children.

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Community Links

Finding the right support when you need help can be hard. It can seem like there are no local services, or there are so many services – it is confusing to work out where to start. Intereach provides Community Links in all Intereach offices as a friendly, accessible, single point of access to information, resources […]
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Family Links

Are you a new parent, have a young family or struggling to cope with the pressures of parenting? Intereach Family Links work alongside you and your family to take the stress out of parenting and help you raise children that are healthy and resilient. How does it work? Intereach Family Workers provide a range of […]
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Out of School Hours (OOSH) Care

Do you have primary school aged children? Need childcare after school or during school holidays? Intereach Out of School Hours (OOSH) Care provides great activities for children including art, sport, craft, cooking, drama and excursions both at After School Care and Vacation Care. After School Care (ASC) During school term, children are picked up from […]
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Three smiling woman standing whilst having a talk. One woman is with mouse brown hair is wearing an Akubra hat, one has mouse brown greying hair, one woman has blonde hair

Parenting Program

Parenting is one of the most important jobs that we may ever do.  At times, a little advice, information or support can help you to tackle tricky things which can arise at school, at home or with friends and family as your children grow through the developmental stages. How does it work? Intereach work alongside […]
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Family Support

Parenting children and young people is one of the most important, but challenging jobs you will ever do. Intereach can work alongside you, your children and your family to provide personal support to help your family be healthy, safe and a good place for your children to grow. If you are experiencing separation, divorce, grief […]
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Children and Schooling Transition Project

Aboriginal Children and Schooling Transition Project

Need help getting your children started in pre-school? Interested in attending playgroup with us at your primary school? The Intereach Aboriginal Children and Schooling Transition Project works with children and their families to get started in the education system and stay involved. The project can help with practical support such as organising uniforms, organising transport, […]
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A decorative image of Aboriginal artwork

Aboriginal Family Support

Are you an Aboriginal family who is struggling to deal with issues such as grief and loss, unemployment, financial hardship, legal issues, parenting, budgeting, living skills, anger management or need support as a victim of domestic and family violence? Aboriginal Family Support Workers can help talk you through issues and provide practical support that will […]
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Playlink is an informal gathering of people every Tuesday that gives you a chance to catch up with family and friends as well as learn more about the services that are available to help you. Playlink is for all, including mums, dads, carers, kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and extended family. At our gatherings, we […]
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Community Hubs

Finding the right support when you need help can be hard. It can seem like there is no local services, or there are so many services it is confusing to work out where to start. Intereach provides Community Hubs in Deniliquin (Neighbourhood Centre), Corowa, Finley, Hay and Cootamundra that are friendly and accessible single points […]
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A greying haired man with a moustache and a goatee who is missing a front tooth from the upper jaw.

No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)

Do you need finance, but don’t want to get stuck with credit cards you can’t repay? The No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) provides safe, fair and affordable credit for people or families on low incomes (below $45,000 for singles or $60,000 for couples). How does it work? NILS loans can be used for the purchase […]
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Family Day Care

Are you going back to work? Need childcare, but prefer your children were cared for in a home-based environment, in smaller groups? Want all your children in care together? Intereach Family Day Care offers flexible and extended hours of childcare for parents and carers that often suits working parents who are re-entering the workforce with […]
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