Building strong
and sustainable communities

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Community Links Projects team

The Community Links (Projects) team consists of Project Leaders who work closely with Intereach programs and our communities to analyse data, seek feedback and develop projects which focus on our community’s needs. The role of the Project Leaders is to support our internal Intereach programs in the development of key projects to help foster inclusion and strong and sustainable communities.

Some key areas that our Project Leaders support are:

  • Supporting our internal Intereach Reference Groups to make a meaningful impact on our organisation and the communities we support;
  • Driving consultation, development and implementation of Intereach’s Reconciliation Action Plan and Inclusion Action Plan;
  • Supporting Intereach to be inclusive through identified key inclusion projects;
  • Supporting Intereach programs with key Community Engagement and Capacity Development activities;
  • Mapping our communities through identifying needs and opportunities.

Harmony Week celebration video – “Welcome to Intereach”

Diversity and Inclusion Reference Groups

Intereach has six reference groups that operate as advisory groups which can be called upon as needed to inform the direction of the Community Engagement, Development and Advocacy Governance Group. These reference groups aim to build inclusion at Intereach and support all organisational inclusion-based initiatives and provide a way that employees can have open conversations about important issues so that the organisation can develop a shared understanding of priorities
and decision-making.

Members of these reference groups are Intereach employees who have a lived experience, identify as being from the following communities, or identify as community allies.
The reference groups are:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • People with Disability
  • Multicultural
  • Carers
  • Mental Health

Our reference groups reflect and acknowledge the diversity within our organisation and demonstrate that Intereach adopts a positive commitment to workplace diversity and values the qualities, skills, knowledge, experiences and perspectives this diversity brings to our organisation and our communities. Each reference group operates under a Terms of Reference which outlines the purpose, membership, roles and responsibilities of the group.