Calling for interest in Deniliquin parents and carers support group

graphic of leaves
Group of young mothers with their toddlers sitting in a semi-circle on the floor.

Intereach is looking for interest in re-establishing a much-needed support group in Deniliquin for parents and carers of children with disability and developmental delays. 

An expression of interest morning tea will be held on Thursday 27 June from 10am to 12pm at Deniliquin’s Intereach community room A.  

Intereach Early Childhood Practitioner Taylor Sainsbury said the event aimed to gather feedback and ideas from parents and carers of children with disability and developmental delay of all ages on how best to restart this vital peer-led support group. 

“There has been a renewed interest from families in the region who have expressed a desire to reconnect with others facing similar experiences,” Ms Sainsbury said.  

“By restarting this group, we hope to provide a platform for parents and carers to share their experiences, support each other, and build meaningful connections. 


“With the support of Deniliquin Community Health Occupational Therapist Sue Martin, we believe the time is right to re-establish this important community resource. 


“The benefits of such a group are immense, allowing parents and carers to share their stories, gain insights, and find support and understanding among other families. 


“We understand the unique challenges that come with caring for children with disability or developmental delays. Our goal is to help families in our community feel supported and less isolated by creating a space where they can connect and share their journey.” 

For more information or if you are unable to attend the morning tea but are interested in joining the group, please contact Ms Sainsbury by phone at 0428 815 291 or email