Community Transport gets the ‘thumbs up’

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Our Community Transport program has received a giant ‘thumbs up’ from the most important people … those who use it.

A record number of respondents indicated through a recent participant survey, that Community Transport is a high-quality service that they appreciate and value.

When asked if they are “better able to manage their day to day responsibilities” with Community Transport there was a 98% positive response.

The response was a massive 99% when asked if they were “better able to access necessary health services”, 84% positive to “better able to manage day-to-day shopping needs” and 81% positive to “better able to manage banking and financial needs”.

Intereach Community Transport achieved even better results in questions under the heading ‘How well do we do?’

This included a 100% ranking for ‘participants who feel they are treated respectfully, and either 98 or 99% for other questions such as ‘participants who feel listened to’, ‘participants who report we communicate well’, ‘participants satisfied with cleanliness and maintenance of vehicles’ and ‘participants who feel safe and secure’.

While the number of trips for Community Transport was down on previous years in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, there were still nearly 14,000 across the service in Deniliquin and Griffith, travelling just under 300,000 kilometres.

Intereach Community Transport program manager Sonya Perlowski said the organisation was “absolutely delighted” with the survey results.

“Community Transport is all about helping people in our towns, especially making it easier for them to attend medical appointments or manage every day needs such as shopping and banking.

“Great credit for the result must go to our drivers, including the many volunteers who help us provide this valuable service.

“I would encourage anyone who wants to know more about Community Transport to phone 1300 488 226,” Sonya said.

Intereach Community Transport operates out of its DeniIiquin and Griffith offices.

Intereach supports children and families, older people, people living with disability, mental health and carers. If you, or someone you know, needs support you can contact the team at Intereach on the toll-free number 1300 488 226, or go to .


Caption: Intereach volunteer drivers Dawn McMillan and Barry Macauley.