Community Transport transition

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Intereach is working with members of the local community to prepare for the transition to the NDIS in relation to transport services currently provided by Community Transport, both in Deniliquin and Griffith.


In 2016/17, the NSW Government announced that provision of Community Transport services to people living with disability would change after 30 June 2018, following transition to the NDIS.

Intereach, a well-known locally based community organisation has delivered Community Transport in Griffith since 2009 and in Deniliquin since 1993, and has long established relationships with regular users of the service.

Intereach staff have been working with community members, through NDIS participant planning meetings or via conversations with Community Transport staff to explain the transition, and if it will affect their individual situation. A range of options is available if people are affected by the change.

People will experience no impact if they are aged over 65, or aged over 50 if Aboriginal.

Keryn Fox, Chief Executive Officer of Intereach said “Not all people living with a disability will be affected. Intereach delivers a wide range of services and supports to ensure that people can stay independent and connected to their community. We strongly encourage community members to contact our Community Transport staff to discuss their concerns about access to transport going forward, and to explore alternatives. Talking about, and planning for the transition is an important part of the service that Intereach delivers in the local region.”


Would you like to speak to someone about Community Transport?
  • Contact Intereach Griffith Community Transport on ph: 02 6969 7200 or,
  • Contact Intereach Deniliquin Community Transport on ph: 03 5890 5224