Corowa Centrelink service

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The Corowa Intereach office will open for Centrelink customers only, effective Monday, June 29, with strict restrictions applied.

The office will only open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, from 9am until 12pm. Appointments must be made by phoning 1300 488 226, or in-person within these hours at Shop 18-20, Corowa Arcade, 109 Sanger Street, Corowa.

Intereach CEO Keryn Fox said she must emphasise that the office is for Centrelink customers only, not for other Intereach enquiries.

Only one person will be permitted in the office at any given time, with a ‘one in and one out’ policy to be strictly enforced. Chairs will be available outside the office, physically distanced and with monitoring by staff.

Ms Fox said two Intereach Community Linkers – staff who work with participants – would attend the office on each morning that Centrelink services are available. One will work with the participant, the other will manage those outside who are waiting for an appointment before they enter the office.

A ‘Community Links Centrelink sign-in sheet’ will be created to maintain contact details confidentially, and COVID-19 assessment questions will be asked at the time of making the appointment and before the participant enters the office. Once inside, participant contact will be limited to the front reception where a laptop will be available if anything needs to be printed for Centrelink purposes\

Intereach staff will ensure there is a sanitisation wipe-down after each appointment.

Ms Fox said the service would benefit those in the Corowa area who require Centrelink services, however, it was essential that the protocols are followed.

She reiterated that the Intereach office would be open on these days for Centrelink only, and not other Intereach services.

Anyone with queries should phone the Intereach toll free number on 1300 488 226.