Course helps maintain Intereach driver safety

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There is no priority that is higher than safety for any Community Transport driver.

To ensure all its drivers are kept refreshed with the latest safety tips, Intereach recently held a one-day ‘Low-Risk Driving’ course, with staff and volunteers.

It was conducted by Ross Banno, a director and facilitator from National Driver Education.

Intereach Community Transport Program Manager Sonya Perlowski said there was excellent feedback from those who enjoyed the training and she received positive comments about Mr Banno’s approach and messages.

“It revolved around a theme that ‘low risk thinking leads to low risk driving’,” she said.

Some of the driver safety elements included in the day were:

  • Fatigue insight and management, especially self-management, as 20 per cent of fatal crashes are fatigue-related.
  • The concept of ‘low-risk thinking – low-risk driving’, including motivation, behaviour and insight.
  • Vehicle appreciation and safety devices.
  • Identification of where and how crashes occur.
  • The three-second gap, validated by braking distance and reaction time, including crash avoidance space.
  • Intersection safety, incorporating vision, anticipation and three-second gap skills.
  • Country driving and night driving, including collisions with animals.

In a recent survey, the participants who use Intereach Community Transport rated the service very highly and said it was one they “appreciate and value”.

Sonya said to maintain the high standards it is important to ensure ongoing training for all Intereach drivers.

“Our participants have told us they feel safe with our drivers, and courses such as ‘low-risk driving’ will help us continue providing a service that has safety as its top priority,” she said.

Community Transport operates out of Intereach’s DeniIiquin and Griffith offices.

Intereach supports children and families, older people, people living with disability, mental health and carers. If you, or someone you know, needs support you can contact the team at Intereach on the toll-free number 1300 488 226, or go to


Photo caption: Community Transport Coordinator Emma Edwards and volunteer driver Lindsay Dalzell both completed the driver training course.