Volunteering is a family tradition for Dave

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Community service is something of a family tradition for Dave.


A volunteer with Intereach Community Transport for around nine years, Dave said giving back to the community had long been a family passion.

Dave said, “I have always volunteered, so it’s just a natural thing for me. My sister was a nurse, my daughter is a nurse, my father was awarded the British Empire Medal for working with people with disability. As a family we have always enjoyed helping people. I can remember my Dad driving older folks and people with disability and today I find myself doing exactly the same thing!”

Intereach Community Transport provides transport for older people, transport disadvantaged and Department of Veterans Affairs support recipients, for shopping, appointments and social outings. The service transports around 110 people a week in the Deniliquin area and is completely reliant on volunteer drivers like Dave.

Besides volunteering, Dave also has a passion for learning and self-improvement, a passion he feels enhances his volunteer work.

“There’s always room for improvement, isn’t there? I like to educate myself and learn new things. I’ve pursued training about dementia, mindfulness and meditation amongst other things. I think these are all things that not only help me become a better, more understanding person, but sometimes there are lessons I can pass on to others that helps them improve their lives too.”

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“Being a volunteer is extremely satisfying. When you realise how much it means for people to have you there, how much they might look forward to seeing you, that’s its own reward.”

Dave - Intereach Community Transport volunteer

Community spirit is alive and well in the local area, Dave said, with people always willing to lend a hand when someone is in need. But he said people’s busy lifestyles meant that volunteering on a more regular basis simply might not occur to them.

“Being a volunteer means giving of yourself and I find that suits me very well. I like to be busy. I like people, I like listening to what they have to say, generally I find people to be very interesting. I’ve made some wonderful friendships as a result of volunteering. And because you are willingly giving your time to help them, people come to trust you, you become someone they can talk to.”

Want to find out more about volunteering with Intereach, or interested to know how Intereach Community Transport can help you or your loved one? Contact the Intereach Community Transport Team on 03 5890 5200