Edwin and Betty can stay living at home

graphic of leaves

Elderly couple Edwin and Betty enjoy living on their rural property, located on the outskirts of town. But a few years ago they weren’t sure they could continue on with the lifestyle they loved. They wanted to stay together in their own home, but to do that they needed the supports which provide the peace of mind that comes with not worrying about whether or not you can cope. Thankfully, they found that support in the Intereach Aged Care Services team.

Betty started her journey with Intereach in 2014 when she attended the Friendship Group – facilitated by Intereach – and this connection led to her becoming part of the Intereach Commonwealth Home Support Program in 2016. Betty had limited mobility due to diagnosed illness and her husband Edwin, at this time, was her full-time carer.

As the couple’s needs grew, Betty transitioned to a Home Care Package and chose Intereach as her service provider. She worked with her Intereach Care Coordinator to tailor a package to suit her goals – she was able to access services that enabled her to continue attending social groups and receive personal care and allied health services, and that supported her with mobility, transport, personal needs and home maintenance.

“The support provided by Intereach and our Home Care Package made our lives even better, and everyone who comes to the house to help us are just lovely people,” Betty said.

“It’s reduced our stress, and our daughter’s too – she lives away but knows we’re safe and well with this support. Now when she visits we can all relax and spend more quality time together without her running around doing things that we couldn’t do.” Edwin also chose Intereach to assist him in self-managing his Home Care Package. He receives weekly meal preparation support – learning new recipes and getting advice on food and nutrition – and as an added bonus, Friday night’s meal is now prepared for the couple every week.

As part of their goal-setting, the couple also wanted Edwin to remain as mobile as possible (because he likes to keep active and busy) and to have time away from his carer role. He was provided with services such as domestic assistance and home maintenance, enabling him to potter in his own time and simply attend to Betty’s daily meals and some light house duties. As a result, Edwin’s carer fatigue has been reduced, and the couple have a quality of life where they feel fully supported and are able to manage very well at home.

Betty continues to enjoy her rural surroundings and loves keeping in touch with friends and family via phone and writing letters, while Edwin enjoys keeping the lawns neat and tidy with his ride-on lawnmower. “Our days are more enjoyable (with this support), and Eddie loves having Friday night off from cooking a meal!” Betty said.