Free legal information event at Leeton

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Picture of the torso of a lawyer in a suit writing with a pen while giving legal advice to a person. To the right is a gavel.

Intereach is partnering with Legal Aid NSW and Macarthur Legal Centre to bring a free legal information event to Leeton on 16 November.

The community event, to be held at Leeton TAFE, is dedicated to providing support for individuals facing a range of legal challenges.

It will offer assistance to those seeking a free NSW birth certificate; legal advice for those dealing with unpaid fines, family law issues, money troubles and housing, and also those interested in creating a will.

“Our community event is about ensuring that nobody is left behind – that everyone deserves access to essential legal services, including documents like a birth certificate or will,” event organiser and Riverina CLSD Justice Partnership coordinator Melissa Van Lierop of Intereach said.

The Leeton community will have the opportunity to access a variety of legal services, including:

  • Free NSW Birth Certificate: As Melissa explains, “A birth certificate is often taken for granted, but getting a job, enrolling in education, opening a bank account or applying for a driver licence can be difficult without one. We are here to guide eligible* individuals through the process”.
  • Free legal advice: Lawyers will be available to do free legal health checks – speaking with people about what legal issues they can provide advice and guidance on, including family law issues, housing, money troubles and fines.
  • Unpaid fines resolution: “We understand the financial burdens unpaid fines can create. We’re here to help attendees navigate and resolve these issues with the help from Legal Aid NSW lawyers and their Work and Development Order team (WDO),” Melissa said.
  • Will preparation: Macarthur Legal Centre will be creating Wills for people – a crucial step in ensuring people’s wishes are honoured when they pass away. They will be able to help attendees through the process and also discuss Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship.

*for eligibility, check here: CLSD birth certificate partnership (


Event details

Date: Thursday 16 November 2023
Time: 10am – 3pm
Location: Leeton TAFE, 117-119 Palm St Leeton
NB: *Make a booking for a birth certificate or will*: call 1300 488 226 or email