Friendship forged for life

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John and his Staffy pup Samson are regular and welcomed faces at the Intereach Wagga Wagga office – and their connection with the Intereach team turned out to be a binding relationship that in part saved Samson’s young life.

Intereach Customer Support Officer Louise has been pivotal in striking up a wonderful friendship when John who started visiting the Wagga Wagga office with Samson after hearing Intereach was the local No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) provider – John was needing some assistance with a loan to get his car back on the road.

It was during this time that Samson, who was only four months old, went from being bright, boisterous and full of life to tired, weak and lethargic overnight and John knew something was seriously wrong – little Sampson had contracted Parvovirus.

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“One day he was running around like an excited puppy and then the next day he’s walking really slow and lethargic, not going anywhere near his food then the following day he was basically crawling on his belly and wouldn’t get up – the disease got a hold of him really quick,”

said John.

“It was shocking, he went from a little puppy to a 90-year-old dog, and it sucked the life out of him in only a couple of days.

“It was completely scary; I was in a ball of tears just watching him mope around. I took him to the vet to get a shot and the vet told me I’d got it early which is good for a higher chance of recovery.”

The vet sent John home with some vitamins for Samson and told him to keep a close eye on him over the coming days, however Samson’s condition wasn’t improving, and Samson spent the next few days hiding in dark places around the home.

“I’d try anything to help him get better. I wasn’t going to let him die and thank God that a NILS loan helped me out with it.”

As John was already in the process of applying for a NILS loan for his car, he asked if this loan could be used to assist with the vet bills instead. With the help of Louise, John gathered the paperwork for his application which was submitted, processed and approved within 24 hours.

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“Louise and June (Customer Support Officer - Finley) made it really easy for me and I got the approval straight away,”

John said.

“I’ve told quite a few people about Intereach and the NILS loans. A few friends were wanting some help with applying and I told them to go into the Wagga office and they’ll help you out.”

John was able to go back to the vet and pay for Samson’s urgent treatment and he has since made a full recovery. Samson is now nine months old and is learning commands at home, and John’s hoping to enrol him in puppy school as well.

With Samson on the mend, and things looking up, John was happily surprised when the vet bills were less than originally estimated. He went back to the NILS team to see if the remaining amount could be spent to fix his car as originally intended. This was approved and now John and Samson are back on the road.

No Interest Loan Scheme loans can be used for the purchase of essential goods and services up to $2000. Repayments are set at an affordable amount over 12 to 18 months. Conditions apply. To learn more please visit the Intereach website and search for NILS or call 1300 488 226 and speak to one of the friendly customer services team about the program.