Going the Distance for Our Communities: Celebrating National Meals on Wheels Day with Intereach Volunteers

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A significant milestone for Meals on Wheels is fast approaching and at Intereach they are taking the time to applaud the extraordinary dedication of Intereach’s volunteers who are going the distance – quite literally – to make a significant impact on the lives of others.

On Wednesday 30 August National Meals on Wheels Day will be celebrated – honouring the service that has supported Australians for 70 years.

Across the Intereach footprint, there are services in Echuca, Kyabram, Corowa and Howlong.

Intereach Victorian Volunteers Coordinator Sue Devereaux said volunteers had provided not only an important quality of life service but had created many friendships across the journey.

“In a remarkable journey, our dedicated volunteers in Echuca embark on an astounding 16,325 kilometres of travel each year – akin to circumnavigating Australia – showcasing their exceptional dedication. Their efforts lead to the delivery of over 6,700 meals each year. Collectively, they volunteer 500 days and contribute over 1,000 hours, and their meal distribution amounts to an impressive 4,360 kilograms of sustenance, enriching lives and fostering well-being,” Ms Devereaux said.

“Our Kyabram volunteers cover a staggering 10,550 kilometres every year – equivalent to two round trips from Kyabram to Cairns. Their incredible dedication is evident as they deliver 5,720 meals each year, with their contributions amounting to 500 days of selfless service, demonstrating their deep commitment.”

“Across the Kyabram and Echuca communities, these volunteers forge essential social connections, becoming a key connection for 72 individuals who rely on their support.”

Intereach General Manager Corporate Services Carolyn Holness said volunteers were the heartbeat of any community and their support of Intereach highlighted the impact they make across the Intereach footprint.
“At the heart of Meals on Wheels are our volunteers, whose unwavering commitment goes beyond kilometres covered. They’re the lifeline for older Australians, fostering independence and community connections,” Ms Holness said

“Our volunteers are pivotal in ensuring community members are nourished and safe at home every day. They ensure that nutritious meals and genuine care continue to reach those who need it the most, addressing social isolation and enriching lives. Intereach’s volunteers stand out as beacons of hope.”

Intereach extends its heartfelt gratitude to our Meals on Wheels volunteers for their remarkable dedication. They epitomise the spirit of community and empowerment, enabling older Australians to live the life they choose.

For more information about Meals on Wheels and volunteering opportunities, please visit www.intereach.com.au or call 1300 488 226.