Harmony in the Gardens

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Caption: Intereach staff members Kama Jennings, Mikayla Williams and Lara Roach getting ready

People often recognise Intereach by the iconic tree that adorns our logo and building, and on Saturday locals will be asked to ‘look for the tree’ in Deniliquin’s beautiful Waring Gardens.
This specific craft tree will be the centrepiece of our ‘Harmony in the Gardens’ event that will complement the fanfare of the monthly community market.

Locals will be invited to celebrate Deniliquin and district’s cultural diversity by decorating a cardboard ‘hand print’ or ‘little person’ and then attach it to the tree. The craft tree will be placed on display in the Intereach foyer in Trickett St, Deniliquin.

Intereach staff member and co-organiser of the event Wendy Johnston encourages everyone to join in the day.

“It will be a very relaxed event, with our tree as the focus for people to leave their message or build a timeline or picture of their family’s history or origin. We’ll be engaging with people and offering them the warmth of the community and making them feel part of the community. It’s about celebrating and embracing multiculturalism, and there’ll be members of the Deniliquin Multicultural Group on hand to also welcome those who are new to our community.”

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"This is an opportunity for local people from all cultural backgrounds to come together and reflect on and celebrate our local diversity."

Wendy Johnston

Harmony Day is celebrated nationwide and this year has been re-named Harmony Week, recognising multiculturalism and inclusiveness. ‘Harmony in the Gardens’ will run from 9am to noon on the Napier St side of the gardens.

The craft tree will be on display and locals will be able to pin their message to it.

“We’re inviting people to sit and spend time together in a beautiful setting”, Mrs Johnston said.

Intereach staff will also have copies of the ‘Have Your Say’ survey available tomorrow, which is designed to help the organisation identify service gaps that may exist in the local area.

Fill in the survey and go in the draw to win an iPad Mini. You can also find the survey online at www.intereach.com.au/have-your-say/ for the event.