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Intereach is embarking upon a new Strategic Plan, and is seeking feedback from local community members, volunteers, staff and service providers to help shape the future direction of the organisation.


The consultation survey has been released this week, and provides an opportunity for local people to rate how well Intereach is working towards its vision, values and purpose.

The community will also be asked about how relevant Intereach supports are now and for the next few years.

The feedback will be a valuable component of the planning process undertaken by the board and staff in developing the new Strategic Plan that will guide Intereach operations until 2021.

Surveys are available at all Intereach offices, completed online or be posted out on request. Submissions close on 10 April 2018.

Intereach has been working in the local region since 1973 to improve the wellbeing of children, young people, families, older people, carers and the broader community. During 2016-17 Intereach provided services, information and support to more than 8,000 people across an area of 188,714km2 throughout Southern NSW and Northern Victoria.

Intereach CEO Keryn Fox said, “Our strategic plan will set priorities for the next three years. More than ever before, we want to ensure our strategic direction meets the needs and aspirations of local people, and that the Intereach vision, values and purpose remain relevant.”

“This survey provides local people with a great opportunity to guide our future direction. I look forward to receiving your comments and feedback.”

For more information, or to obtain your copy of the Community Survey:

Phone: 1300 488 226, or email: intereach@intereach.com.au,

Or click here to complete online