How determination, technology and support have improved Scott’s quality of life

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Scott Rankin


A fierce determination and a strong faith in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has changed the life of a Wagga Wagga participant who is now job ready.

Scott, who is on the autism spectrum, found strength in setting goals and working to a plan which contained multifaceted supports and networks; and importantly people who turned aspirations into reality. 

From the use of assistive technology, which has allowed Scott to navigate public transport and keep his anxiety at bay, to having the right orthotics to walk and exercise, through to accessing free training and self-development courses – it has been a journey of discovery and success. 

It resulted in Scott’s confidence improving and he successfully completed TAFE courses in Queensland that have allowed him to present as a tech assistant in the medical field.

Scott knew part of making his dreams and aspirations come true was taking small risks to go outside his comfort zone which have expanded to great accomplishments.

The assistive technology was an important psychological support tool after his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Scott could keep track of his dad which eased the fear of losing him while he was studying or away from home.

It helped Scott build his resilience and move forward through adversity when his dad died in 2020.

“I do feel the loss of my dad in my life. We were dudes together,” Scott said.

After the death of his dad, Scott and his mother Cathy moved to Wagga Wagga where he connected to the Local Area Coordinators from Intereach, who provided information on places which would assist him to find a sense of belonging. 

Scott, who now calls Wagga his ‘forever home’, wanted his new life to include meaningful employment. He obtained a casual position at a hospital facility without the need for assistance from a disability employment agency and has used it as a foundation to work towards full-time employment.

“I love my job,” Scott said. “I just love working and no matter how I feel I want it for the rest of my life so I do everything to keep my body safe and strong.”

It means Scott has an exercise physiologist who sets a program for preventative risk protection and uses technology for motivation when he is finding it difficult with neurological fatigue.

Intereach continues to support Scott in his journey, with the LACs being described by his mother Cathy as “the most helpful, approachable people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing”.

“Alicia from Intereach has been fantastic, she has guided us through the system and has assisted Scott throughout his journey.

Scott’s goal is to work full-time and pay his own way, without support or government funding.

“Paying his own way is the pride of overcoming the hurdles,” Cathy said.

“Scott has been an inspiration. He has embraced his learning and continues his self development.”

It has been made possible the support of the NDIS system and an unwavering resolve which is improving Scott’s quality of life.