In-home aged care support.
What is available?

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Growing older doesn’t mean giving up your independence at home. When everyday tasks become a bit trickier with age, seeking a helping hand at home can make all the difference. In this guide, we’ll explore the range of in-home aged care support available, helping you stay in charge of your life on your own terms.

Asking for support isn’t a surrender of independence; it’s a smart move. A bit of assistance with daily activities can extend your stay in the comfort of your own home and lead to a much-improved quality of life.

The kind of help you might need varies from person to person. It could be as simple as getting support with shopping and cooking, or as personal as assistance with showering, dressing, and getting in and out of bed to more complex needs such as home modifications to enhance safety and movement around the house.
Receiving a bit of assistance at home opens the door to continued independent living.

With Intereach in-home aged care support you can do more of what you love, be more active and live more independently.
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What services are there?

The Australian Government subsidises the cost of home support services, making them accessible in the comfort of your own home.

What you need to pay depends on your services and, in some cases, your financial situation.
Depending on your care needs, services can be accessed through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) or a Home Care Package (HCP).
An assessment process determines what program is more suitable for you. Let’s explore these options.

What’s the difference between the CHSP and a HCP?

That’s a great question.

If you’re managing well but need support with a few tasks, you could be eligible for subsidised support services through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).
This entry-level care program helps those needing a low level of support to maintain independent living.
It is only recommended to those who need one or two services.
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But what if your needs are a bit more complex and go beyond what the CHSP can provide?
Home Care Packages (HCP) are a customised care plan designed for those requiring extensive care and support services on an ongoing basis. Intereach is the leading local provider of Home Care Packages and in-home aged care support.

HCPs are one of the ways that older Australians can access affordable care services to get some help at home, tailored to meet your needs.

An Intereach Home Care Package can be an option if you need a coordinated approach to the delivery of your help at home – perhaps because you need help with many everyday tasks, or the care you need is more complex or intensive.
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Feature Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) Home Care Packages (HCP)
Purpose Provides entry-level support for those needing a low level of assistance to maintain independent living. Offers a coordinated and customised care plan for those requiring more extensive, ongoing care and support.
Suitability Ideal for individuals who are generally managing well but need support with a few tasks. Suitable for individuals with more complex needs, requiring a higher level of care, often on an ongoing basis.
Level of Support Limited to one or two services. Broad and comprehensive, covering a wide range of services based on individual needs.
Care Approach Focuses on providing specific support in areas identified as necessary. Provides a coordinated and holistic approach to care, covering multiple areas of support.
Customisation Limited customisation, as it’s designed for specific, smaller-scale needs. Highly customisable, with care plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual.
Provider Various providers offer CHSP services. Intereach is highlighted as a leading local provider of HCP.
Financial Aspect Subsidised by the Australian Government, making it accessible and affordable. Also subsidised, but may involve a more detailed assessment of financial contribution based on individual circumstances.
Assessment for Eligibility Requires a My Aged Care assessment to determine eligibility and the level of need. Involves a more comprehensive assessment process to tailor the care plan to the individual’s extensive needs.
Flexibility Less flexible due to its focus on one or two services. Greater flexibility to adjust services as the individual’s needs change over time.



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What services can I get with an Intereach Home Care Package?

Depending on the level of HCP you receive, you can get assistance with a range of different services, including:

  • Bathing, hygiene, and grooming
  • Nursing
  • Podiatry, physiotherapy, and other therapies
  • Meals and food preparation
  • Help with impairments or continence
  • Cleaning, laundry, and other chores
  • Home or garden maintenance
  • Changes to my home
  • Aids to stay independent
  • Transport
  • Social outings, groups and visitors

Am I eligible for these services?

Eligibility is based on your care needs as determined through an assessment, but you must also be:

  • an older person aged 65 and over, or 50 and over if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, who needs coordinated services to help them stay at home, or
  • a younger person with a disability, dementia or other care needs not met through other specialist services.

Your financial situation won’t affect your eligibility. But you may also need an income assessment through Services Australia to work out exactly how much you may be asked to contribute.
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