Intereach Annual General Meeting 2022

graphic of leaves

As an organisation, Intereach has had a year of consolidation and strengthening while continuing to ensure our communities are at the heart of everything we do. 

The manner in which the organisation has adapted to various challenges, including the impacts of COVID-19, will be highlighted at the Intereach 2022 annual general meeting. 

The AGM will be held at 12.30 pm on Friday, November 25 at the Deniliquin Intereach office – 78-80 Napier Street, Deniliquin and will also be streamed online to registered participants. 

Chair Rob Brown said he was proud to be a part of the organisation and looks forward to its achievements being recognised at the meeting and in a comprehensive annual report. 

“Our ability to adapt to the many challenges associated with COVID-19 was just as important as we adjusted to a new COVID normal in 2022. Our people have embraced the opportunity to return to greater face to face connection with each other and our communities,” Mr Brown said. 

 He added a pivotal part of the year was adopting the Intereach 2022-2025 Strategic Plan, stating that “we have a clear direction and a solid foundation to consolidate and grow Intereach in a sustainable and targeted way”. 

 If you would like to attend the AGM – either in person or virtually – you need to register by contacting Nicole Tonta on 1300 488 226 or email


Photo: Intereach Chair Rob Brown