Intereach COVID-19 update

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As COVID-19 restrictions ease, Intereach is working through the process of returning to ‘business as normal’.

It is ensuring all decisions provide staff, participants and volunteers with a healthy and safe environment in which to work and interact.

CEO Keryn Fox said the manner in which staff had handled the restrictions was exemplary and thanked participants for the support and encouragement they have shown.

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Staff who decide to continue working from home are now able to call into the office to collect anything they may need in the course of their work, with other team members helping out to ensure there is minimum physical contact.

“Starting on Tuesday, training in COVID-19 safety and hygiene practices was available for staff who are continuing to work online, and staff working from the office have completed the training this week. This training is being coordinated by our management team, and is mandatory for all our team members who are planning to return to work from the office,” Ms Fox said.

She added the Intereach COVID-19 Safe Plan identifies how the organisation can assess and quantify risks, and how control measures are enacted in conjunction with the ongoing easing of restrictions by the Commonwealth and State Governments. The plan identifies risks and includes protocols and control measures to address them.

“We will continue working with our staff and participants to promote safe work practices, consistent with health authorities, to ensure our workplaces continue to be appropriate in light of social distancing, and follow exemplary hygiene measures. This will all be part of the transition to ‘business as normal’,” Ms Fox said.

Intereach offices remain closed until the end of June and the aim is to have all staff back working from offices in August. However, all timeframes are flexible depending on circumstances surrounding health advice and COVID-19 restrictions.

“Most important, we need to ensure all measures introduced are in the best interests of our staff and participants across the 16 Intereach offices,” Ms Fox said.

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At this stage, we don’t have a definitive date of when our offices will reopen to the public in a physical sense, however, we want to assure people that they can still access our services by calling 1300 488 226.

“We have a planned, staged approach to return staff to our offices and have them trained in COVID appropriate practices, and at the same time, we’re continuing to work on a plan that will allow the public to return to our office spaces.

“We have appreciated the patience shown by our communities during this time and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming those communities back into our offices once we have measures in place to mitigate any risks to their health in relation to the pandemic.”

Community and service provider Intereach has a staff of nearly 400 working across offices in central, northern and western Victoria, and the Riverina and Murray regions of NSW. It provides services and support across aged care, children, families, people living with disability, mental health and carers.

To discuss any of the services provided by Intereach during COVID-19 restrictions you can call the toll free number 1300 488 226, or to find more information visit