Intereach partnering with Hay Aboriginal Medical Service

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Intereach is partnering with the Hay Aboriginal Medical Service (HAMS) to address challenges being faced in the local community.

Hay is an extremely strong, proud and resilient community, in which HAMS provides a range of supports.

Intereach Child, Family and Community Worker Geraldine Higgins – accompanied by Community Links team members Ashley Lythgo, Mardi Chartres and Fran Downie – have heard first-hand from HAMS Team Leader Jean Woods about the successes and challenges across the community.

This included a recent event attended by Intereach, where local Elders met and talked about some of the things they would like to see in the community. They have built a wish list of community events and activities they would like to attend, and have identified an issue with lack of transport.

An issue of concern is the high rates of youth suicide in the Hay community over recent years and the devastating impacts which continue to flow. Intereach is exploring opportunities to partner with HAMS and other key stakeholders to research ways to build resilience and increase knowledge within mental health awareness for the Hay youth population.

They also want to provide more opportunities for young people in the community to connect with culture.

The work being undertaken with HAMS aligns strongly with the Intereach Reconciliation Action Plan and highlights Intereach’s commitment to forming strong working partnerships in the community.

Intereach and HAMS will continue to investigate ways in which they can partner as they work towards addressing some of the challenges being faced in Hay.