Intereach support for National Carers Week

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The Intereach Carer’s Reference Group is supporting the organisation’s activities during National Carers Week, which is from October 11 to 17.

It is contributing to a video which outlines the carer experience, and also creating a series of questions which will be used to facilitate discussion with Intereach staff about the carer experience.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year there will be virtual celebrations of Carers Week at Intereach, which provides human and community services across southern NSW and northern/central Victoria.

During the discussion session, staff will be asked to consider definitions of a ‘carer’ and be presented with a range of situations from a carer’s perspective. This will include how carers respond to activities which may put their love ones at some degree of risk. This is commonly referred to as ‘the dignity of risk’ and is about ensuring loved ones can participate in activities which enrich and sustain their quality of life.

National Carers Week recognises about 2.65 million Australians who identify as being a carer, providing care and support to a family member, loved one or friend with disability, mental health condition, chronic condition, terminal illness, an alcohol or drug issue or who are frail aged.

They do this in an unpaid capacity, generally without considering how this will affect their own lives.

Carer responsibilities are often quite complex and performed over a sustained period of time. There are also many people who accept a transitional carer role which can be limited in time, but still has complex demands.

When stepping into a carer’s role, people form a new and different relationship with their loved one.

At Intereach, more than a quarter of its staff identify as being a carer.

National Carers Week has been celebrated since 1992 and is about recognising carers and providing the opportunity to pause and say “thank you”.

Intereach provides support for children and families, older people, people living with disability, mental health and carers. If you, or someone you know, needs support you can contact the team at Intereach on the toll free number 1300 488 226 or go to