Intereach votes for remuneration pool to attract new directors

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Two women dressed in black and a man in a suit standing in a board room behind a table smiling while cutting a two-tiered cake to celebrate Intereach

Intereach has made a historic decision that aims to attract new, diverse and experienced directors to the board. 

At the annual general meeting in Deniliquin on Thursday 26 October, Intereach members voted overwhelmingly in favour of establishing a remuneration pool for directors. 

In his address, Intereach chair Rob Brown said this groundbreaking move signalled a transformative step in the organisation’s governance and a strategic response to address the changing landscape of community care. 

“The role of our Directors has become complex and demanding. They must embrace the personal accountability and governance demands required for the services we deliver, particularly in areas such as aged care and, likely, disability services as a result of the anticipated outcomes of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability,” Mr Brown said. 

The decision to support payment of Directors was necessary to enable the Board’s succession planning and bring diversity, expertise and fresh perspectives to the organisation which has successfully served its communities over 50 years. 

Mr Brown said the strategic transformation allowed Intereach to offer competitive remuneration, aligning with fees paid by similar organisations.  

“It is a sliding door moment for our organisation. This pivotal shift positions us for a thriving future, ensuring our strength and resilience for the next 50 years,” he said.   

The annual meeting elected new directors Christine Graffiti and Hamish Bull to the board, while directors Annette Radford, Bruce Simpson and Clive Gow, who retired by rotation, were re-elected. 

Other significant achievements recognised at the annual meeting included: 

  • The appointment of Co-CEOs Yvette Buhagiar and Michelle Tai in December 2022. 
  • The substantial growth in the organisation, with 78 new staff joining Intereach in the past financial year. 
  • The efforts Intereach continued to deliver to clients and participants during COVID-19 and the floods. 
  • The expansion of its aged care services, particularly in the Commonwealth Home Support Programme in Victoria.  
  • The 50 years of service Intereach has provided to local and regional communities across NSW and Victoria. 

“We have made a significant contribution to our regions and communities and with a solid growth strategy, we have laid a foundation for what we believe will be another 50 years of success for Intereach,” Mr Brown said. 

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