Logan’s Success: Two Jobs, One Personalised Plan

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What happens when you place a young person and their unique needs and aspirations at the core of support? Logan’s story is the compelling answer.

His story shows that big improvements to the confidence, independence, and motivation of young men can be achieved with the right support. Also, with support, young men like Logan can become thriving members of our community.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Partner in the Community Intereach, supported Logan by creating a NDIS Plan which paved the way for him to participate in the Boys to the Bush program. This specialised program assists disengaged, disadvantaged and ‘at-risk’ youth to build skills and resilience and link back into their family, school, and community.

It was the strong support of the NDIS to see Logan succeed that has resulted in a significant change in his outlook and achieving employment in his chosen industry of hospitality.

Reaching his potential

Stacey, Logan’s mum, recognised the potential the program would bring to Logan’s life. She felt it would provide him with experiences that went beyond the conventional occupational therapy and speech pathology supports he had previously received over many years.

Intereach Local Area Coordinator Tracey Barkley collaborated closely with Stacey and Logan to ensure this opportunity became a reality.

“Boys to the Bush blow every therapy we’ve ever tried out of the water,” Stacey said.

“Logan’s dedicated mentors supported him in building his independence toolbox. This included work experience and activities like outdoor adventures, music lessons, shopping, and socialising. All those things that most people can do effortlessly but were incredibly challenging for Logan.

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“Almost a year later Logan is a confident, independent, well-spoken young man who controls his world, his interactions, and his emotions. He now attends work experience in two hospitality businesses and holds two paid jobs – yes, two,” Stacey said.

Logan BTTB

“He willingly goes to school, has made some incredible mates, and plays guitar like a beast. He used his earnings to buy me a guitar to so he could teach me how to play,” Stacey said.

Boys to the Bush Manager Dean Whymark said it was incredible to witness Logan’s growth and success after participating in weekly MENtoring sessions.

“Logan has been gaining valuable work experience at a local café,” Dean said.

“This program has equipped him with skills in food preparation, and front of house operations. Since joining, Logan has found new confidence and communication skills.”

Personalised and prioritised

Tracey highlights the benefits for NDIS participants to have access to alternative approaches to therapies.

“The greatest outcome of working with a support service like Intereach is their knowledge and network which can open up a range of possibilities for those who need support,” Tracey said.

There should never be a one-size-fits-all approach. Every young person has different needs and thrives in different conditions. As a Partner in the Community for the NDIS, it’s our role to help parents, carers and participants explore different options that prioritise their needs and goals.”

“I have no doubt that a plan tailored for Logan and the opportunity at Boys to the Bush played a significant role in Logan’s success and, for that, I’ll be forever grateful,” Stacey said.

Intereach is proud to be part of this wonderful transformation.