Melissa joins her ‘work family’

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Melissa Van Lierop loves her job and, more precisely, the culture within the organisation she calls her “work family”.

Melissa admits she “fell in love with Intereach” even before being offered the position.

“In the first interview, the Intereach leaders were so welcoming and inviting. They were interested in Melissa the person, not just another job applicant. It made me really want to join this team.” Melissa started at Intereach on May 30, 2022, based in Wagga Wagga and managing a team of 15, with 14 of these located at other offices across the Intereach footprint, which stretches throughout the Murray and Riverina regions of NSW, into northern/central Victoria and across to the Mallee.

From her first day, Melissa says she felt Intereach is “where I belong”, adding she “finds the culture so enriching and supportive. It’s contagious and you instantly feel like you are part of the work family. The respect and inclusion is the foundation of what creates a productive work environment. No-one is different to anyone else, regardless of what level you are on. There are clear values and goals and they are not just words, they are followed.”

Melissa also talks highly of the Intereach induction program which further endeared her to the organisation, describing it as “second to none”, adding “and the ongoing professional development is massive”.


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“Over the past 12 months I have been assisted through various programs; at Intereach they are always thinking ‘outside the box’ to ensure managers are equipped with the tools we need.”

In her role Melissa does not have direct contact with participants, instead working with her team members who are responsible for case management, but says “while I don’t meet the participants I am every bit a part of their story, their journey and their outcomes”.

She believes Intereach is defined by the way it helps people, but in her eyes it is more than that. “The environment and culture is inclusive and friendly; it’s exciting and a fun place to be. We’re a work family where everyone is there to deliver outcomes. I love it!”