New look for staff

graphic of leaves
people wearing new intereach polos


Intereach Polo Shirts

The design of the new Intereach polo shirts has been inspired by Aboriginal and community significance.

It was created by Alison Stewart, a Gulidjan Woman who was born in the Riverina. Alison began painting significant Aboriginal sites about 15 years ago after visiting and learning about their importance to the Nari Nari and Wiradjuri Tribes. She was commissioned to paint a series of works for Intereach, which has the rights to digitally reproduce two of those paintings. Partial pieces from these have been used on the polo shirts.

The left hand sleeve features artwork titled ‘Communities of the Riverina’. The circle in the middle represents the community, and the orange lines leaving the circle show families or individuals, while the blue dots represent the landscape.

The images on the right hand side of the shirt are taken from a painting titled ‘Communities of the Riverina 2’, where each of the meeting place symbols represents an Intereach office location and its initial journey through the Riverina Murray region of NSW.

The polo shirts were developed and produced by BW Tribal, an Aboriginal clothing business which is 100% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned and operated.