Peter’s path to pleasure

graphic of leaves


When it comes to green fingers and gardening Peter will tell you that it’s fine to start growing tomatoes before the Melbourne Cup weekend in Victoria.  

Traditionally, the advice has been to not plant tomatoes in Melbourne and some sections of regional Victoria before Melbourne Cup Day (the first Tuesday in November), but for Peter, his vegetable garden is thriving with more than 100 plants. 

“I haven’t lost one yet,” he said of his gardening prowess. 

It was not that long ago for Peter, the thought of getting into the garden was just a pipe-dream.  

A tumour has had a significant impact on Peter’s mobility and the need for assistance was paramount. 

And so with a connection with Intereach and his Local Area Coordinator Richelle, Peter’s quality of life has blossomed with a mobility scooter and new bed key to his gardening enthusiasm. 

“This NDIS has changed my life,” Peter said. “Richelle has been fantastic with her advice and support.” 

It means his independence has been restored with the scooter and the comfort of his electric bed means good night’s rest and a chance to enjoy the great aspects of regional Victoria. 

And with the strong community relationships formed in regional Victoria, Peter is more than happy to drop into the Seymour office and connect with Richelle.  

“I am grateful for the support I have received. It has made a world of difference for me.”