Robert’s ‘remarkable’ role as Intereach volunteer

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During National Volunteer Week last week, Intereach acknowledged and thanked the more than 110 volunteers who play a vital role in its service delivery.

They help out across Aged Care Services, Community Transport, Out of School Hours (OOSH) care, Community Links and Early Childhood Early Intervention, and there are also the dedicated Board members who oversee the community service provider’s strategic direction.

One of the many Intereach volunteers whose efforts are greatly appreciated is volunteer driver Robert Martin, who takes OOSH youngsters on excursions.

Robert is described as being “very reliable”. Due to the nature of his volunteer driving there is no defined schedule, yet when he is needed it is never a problem and he always manages to swap around other commitments to join the team, whether it’s for an hour, an afternoon or a day. And he always makes sure it is a fun and safe excursion for the children and OOSH educators.

Excursions bring on increased energy from the children and when a bus is involved it’s even more fun. However, this can also mean heightened noise and excitement, yet Robert is always patient and accommodating as he helps the educators keep children attentive and safe. Educators describe his tolerance and ability to ensure the children’s safety throughout the journey as “remarkable”.

He complements this by actively completing safety checks and, if necessary, helping the children to remember their safety travel guidelines, while always being aware of the need to meet time deadlines. He is a cautious driver who always checks his vehicle and reviews the pre-prepared excursion risk assessment, and also contributes to this planning.

OOSH program manager Cath McLean said: “Robert is interested in the children and their enjoyment and safety during our excursions. Children and educators identify him as one of the team, and an extension of the OOSH family.”

And it’s because of his commitment that the children look forward to seeing Robert, which they express when upcoming excursions are being discussed. They say he is “clever to be our driver” and “he knows all the places to take us”.

In fact, in their eyes Robert has been described as “like a movie star”.

It is volunteers like Robert Martin who are so important to Intereach and other community organisations, and they deserve to be recognised for their efforts during National Volunteer Week.

To learn more about volunteering with Intereach go to or phone 1300 488 226. The community and human service provider offers support and assistance for children and families, older people, people living with disability, mental health and carers.


Caption: Bus driver volunteer Rob Martin with OOSH Educators Steph Maher and Karen Martin heading off on another fun excursion with the OOSH children.