“We started off in the dark and now we are in the light”

graphic of leaves
Two ladies reading NDIS paperwork

I’m Glennis and I’ve got MS. My husband Barry and I went along to a session that Intereach was running about the NDIS.


I wanted to see if the NDIS could help us as, up until then, we’d paid for all the supports I needed.

We met Kris there and told her our story and she said we should apply. We got together the evidence of my disability but they knocked me back; they said I wasn’t eligible.  Kris wouldn’t have that though, so she helped us collect the evidence again and find out why I had been declined. Three weeks later, I got my approval letter.

Kris helped us access the NDIS and Erin has worked with both Barry and myself to get ready for my plan and then implement it. I get tired easily so they made sure to work at my pace and give me enough breaks. They worked around my schedule so I didn’t miss out on my community activities and even came out to my home so that I was comfortable.

What I really love is gardening and just being creative. I really want to get back into the garden and look after my 120 rose bushes. The funding I get through the NDIS means someone can help me work out what I need to do to be able to achieve this.

I can have therapy that helps me get stronger so that I can be creative without having to stop because I get tired. There’s a carer who works with me now who I’ve built a great rapport with. I couldn’t afford to self-fund this kind of support before.

Before this, we were in a black hole of nothing, now we’ve got something to look forward to. Soon I will be able to see my garden, without being locked inside all the time. It will make a good difference for my quality of life. I can actually get out in the community and have some time to myself to do things I enjoy. Barry says that we started off in the dark and now we are in the light. It feels like we have been touched by angels.