The Hub gives me courage

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We would be lost without Gail

We would be lost without her


Gail has been helping out at the Intereach Hay Community Hub for many years now and it is an important part of her life and wellbeing, helping her manage symptoms of mental illness and increasing her confidence in engaging with other people. As the Hub Coordinator is often on her own, Gail’s dedication and help is a real asset and “we would be lost without her.”

“Going to the Hub was the best thing I ever did with my life, it changed me right around in myself. I am growing stronger in myself to become a successful person. Before I started at the Hub, I was a very lonely person and no one wanted me, also I didn’t think very much about myself, always in lots of trouble (trying self-harm for help etc).

Now I go and talk to people at the Hub, not only the workers but people who just come there. I am a happier and contented person and have a lot of confidence in myself. The Hub has taught me too, computer skills, making scrapbooking and cards, learning to play the ukulele, learning to cook and colouring pictures.

I enjoy every day I am there and I love meeting so many people. I have a good role as volunteer worker there. The Hub gives me courage in myself that I can do this.

In 2012 to 2016 when the Hub started opening the doors I see lots of change in the Hub and it’s growing bigger to have more services. Hay Hub is building up to a successful business for people who want help there.”