Local Services in Local Communities Research Report
Intereach participated in a research study in 2015 to determine how community service organisations contribute economically and socially to their local communities. A report, 'Local Services in Local Communities: The Contribution of NSW Community Organisations', was published in February 2016 and can be downloaded below. The study by Ernst Young looked at three community organisations that work in diverse communities, facing different challenges and who came together to test their economic value to their local areas and to NSW. Using a different approach for each organisation they found:
  • We can create significant broader value through local employment and purchasing goods and services from local suppliers;
  • Our networks can increase productivity and effectiveness by sharing information, capacity building and collaboration; and
  • By providing community infrastructure we can increase the resilience and well-being of our local communities.
Many local community service organisations are actively adding value to their communities and regions in at least two, if not three of these areas. Research partners were Intereach, NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS), The Northern Rivers Social Development Council (NRSDC) and Western Sydney Community Forum (WSCF) and the study was conducted by Ernst Young.
Download Local Services in Local Communities Research Report
Local Services in Local Communities Research Report
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