Our vision for Reconciliation

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Intereach Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

The Intereach 2021-2023 Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan is Intereach’s third RAP; it’s our ongoing commitment to Reconciliation in the communities where we work, whilst continuing to support the national dialogue about Reconciliation and constitutional change. Our RAP was developed through a working group which consisted of both Indigenous and non-indigenous staff across different programs within our footprint.

Our vision for Reconciliation is communities where the dignity and worth of every person is seen as important and where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are supported to make their unique contribution to a future that is full of endless opportunity and hope. We acknowledge that the people in these communities are the experts in regards to their needs, goals and aspirations, and we commit to engaging with their Elders and key representatives to learn how we can best work alongside them. We further acknowledge that Reconciliation is a process, often involving learning over a lifetime, rather than the achievement of an endpoint, and our organisation is committed to leading the way on this journey for all of our communities.

We look forward to the launch of our 2021-2023 Reconciliation Action Plan and continue working towards Reconciliation in our local communities.
Below is the link to our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2018-2020 (our draft Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2021-23 has been submitted to Reconciliation Australia for approval).

Download our Reconciliation Action Plan