Access At A Glance

Promoting accessiblity
in the community

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With a simple assessment of local businesses, we can better understand accessibility and inclusion in our community.

Picture this: You arrive at a business and immediately notice a striking display proudly showing a list of accessibility features. That’s the power of Access At A Glance—a program designed for people with diverse abilities and mobility who can easily identify accessible spaces, no matter where they are.

Access At A Glance is a growing network committed to fostering accessibility and inclusion.

3 easy steps to promoting accessibility at your business

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Step 1.

Register Your Interest

Business owners wanting to participate in the Access At A Glance program can register interests by contacting us. We will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. 

Step 2.

Assessment of Business Premises

Our Access At A Glance team will conduct a free assessment of your premises. This quick and easy process will evaluate and record the current business features which meet accessibility guidelines. And importantly provide advice on suggested improvements.

Step 3.

Be seen in the community

Your business will receive stickers indicating the accessible features available at your premises. These stickers will be placed in a prominent location near the entrance of the premises and serve as a visual guide for customers to highlight your commitment to accessibility in the community. 

Our Commitment

As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Partner In The Community, Intereach is committed to supporting this free service, helping businesses to identify accessibility improvements and creating a business community that can support customers and visitors alike in enjoying their shopping/ service experience.

How much does it cost?

This is a free service.

Intereach collaborates with councils, business chambers, disability groups, and various service providers to deliver the Access At A Glance project.

By fostering strong connections, we collectively promote inclusivity and create a more accessible community.

Importantly there is no obligation on the businesses with the assessment; it really is about making the shopping/ buying/ service experience accessible to all people.

How can I be part of this initative?

Contact us today to start your journey with Access At A Glance.

There are no obligations or contracts with this program – just the promotion of accessibility features available at businesses.

Where is it available?

Access At A Glance is for businesses in the Intereach footprint. Contact our team to discuss opportunities in your area.

Need more information?

Download our resources below.