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Aged Care Volunteer Visitor Scheme

Make a difference
in older people's lives

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The Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS), previously known as the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS), is a free service that has been running for over 30 years and aims to support volunteer visitors to provide friendship and companionship to lonely or isolated older people. 

Some older people can feel alone for various reasons. This includes:  

  • feeling isolated from their culture and heritage  
  • little contact with friends or relatives  
  • mobility issues that prevent them from taking part in social or leisure activities  
  • being different in some way.  

Regular volunteer visits can help improve quality of life and help older people feel less isolated. The scheme also focuses on the needs of older people from particular linguistic, cultural and complex vulnerability backgrounds who may be at greater risk of social isolation. 

Intereach is proud to be one of 140 community organisations (auspices) funded to deliver the ACVVS to lonely or isolated older people receiving a government-subsidised Home Care Package (HCP) or those approved and on the National Priority System for HCP. Clients will receive at least 20 visits per year (approximately once per fortnight) through one-on-one in-person visiting (non-contact methods are also available).

Our role is to: 

  • recruit, train and support volunteer visitors  
  • conduct police checks for volunteers  
  • match volunteers to older people receiving aged care  
  • support the relationships that form between the volunteers and the people they visit. 
How do I become a volunteer?

If you would like to support an older person in their home through one-on-one visiting, please fill out the Volunteer Application.

To be accepted as a volunteer visitor, you must:  

  • currently have or be willing to undergo a National Police Check (Intereach to coordinate this process and cover costs, current Police Checks must be less than six months old) 
  • be able to provide one character reference 
  • attend an Intereach office for Induction Training. 

For further information, please get in touch with an Intereach Volunteer Team Leader at the numbers provided below or email 

  • Volunteer Team Leader NSW: Sarah Bartsh P. 0499 983 671
  • Volunteer Team Leader VIC: Susan Devereaux P. 0499 984 629
How do I get a volunteer visitor?

If you or someone you know meets the requirements under the scheme, please fill out the Client Referral Form.

We will contact you and the recipient within seven working days to assess eligibility and answer any questions you have regarding the ACVVS.  


  • Older people can refer themselves (self-referral) 
  • Friends/family members of the older person 
  • Aged Care Service Providers 
  • Community-Based Service Providers include doctors/medical services, allied health services, mental health clinicians or support services etc. 


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