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Family Day Care

Flexible childcare in a safe and friendly home environment

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Intereach Family Day Care provides care and education to children aged 0-13 years in a home environment with a registered educator. Educators are trained and supported by the experienced and highly qualified Intereach Coordination Unit. Intereach FDC operates in NSW and Victoria, offering flexible childcare options for full-time, part-time, casual, overnight and weekend care.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that in small groups, children will enjoy a natural approach to play and discovery, while forming genuine lasting bonds with their passionate and qualified early childhood educator. We recognise the importance of families in the lives of their children and promote the belief that families are children’s ‘first educators’.

In smaller group care, educators can support families in their individual wishes for their child’s care, development and learning and can tailor this to meet those specific needs. We encourage and invite all families to become involved in their child’s curriculum on a regular basis. Intereach Family Day Care focuses on each individual child’s development and individual needs, while providing high quality early learning in the natural environment of a family home.

We believe that play should be fun, hands-on, spontaneous, stimulating and challenging while providing opportunities for children to experiment, discover, explore, create, take risks, learn through achievements and mistakes, practice skills, make choices and decisions with the support of their peers and educators. We value the uniqueness of opportunities that Family Day Care provides to the community and the need to offer families quality and flexibility with the care and education we provide.

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“You develop such a bond with your families that you can become lifelong friends.”

Catherine - Family Day Care educator

Frequently Asked Questions

Intereach is the initial contact point for advice and information about Family Day Care.

Our team members will help match your needs with the best care environment for you and your child, taking into account diversity of language, culture and any other relevant factors. We prioritise achieving the right fit between children, educators and their respective families.

Pending availability, you will usually be able to meet with a number of educators before selecting the service that best meets your needs.

Our Family Day Care has been rated as ‘meeting’ against the National Quality Standards, a rating system that benchmarks child care services in Australia.

Family Day Care educators set their own fees, and although this takes place with guidance from Intereach, childcare fees may vary from one educator to another. Family Day Care is an approved form of childcare, therefore government benefits are available. Our staff can provide families with estimated out-of-pocket costs for your child care.

Where is it available?

Intereach Family Day Care is available in the Edward River, Murray River, Campaspe, Swan Hill, Griffith, Leeton, Narrandera, Greater Shepparton, Berrigan, Murrumbidgee and Wagga Wagga local government areas.

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If you would like to join a service where play-based learning in a natural environment, community engagement and relationships are supported… look no further! Intereach Family Day Care is seeking passionate educators. Become an educator today!

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Meet our Family Day Care Educators

If you or someone you know would like to become an Intereach Family Day Care educator please contact the Family Day Care team on 1300 488 226 or

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Policies and Procedures

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FDC Payment and Collection of Fees

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Policy and Procedure Review

Positive Behaviour Guidance

Providing a Child Safe Environment

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Relationships with Children

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