Family Links

Helping you build a happier and more connected family

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Family Links uses early intervention family work to support you to
understand what emotional needs your child’s behaviour is trying to
tell you. We work with you to help you develop the skills to build a
happier and more connected family.

The Intereach Families team work with parents and carers with children aged 0-18 years, including
expecting parents.
Parenting children and young people is one of the most important roles and we can all do with a helping
hand from time to time. Using child-centred practice, we help parents and carers to enhance positive
relationships with their children, increase family safety and wellbeing, and have fun through play and

How does it work?

We offer a range of support such as:
• Working one on one to identify and achieve family parenting goals.
• Exploring information about child development and developing positive parenting strategies.
• Accessing parenting programs, offered in groups, individually or online.
• Assistance to begin a support group or playgroup.
• Transition to school workshops and information.
• Natural play and art in the park.
• Working with other organisations to empower families and communities.

How much does it cost?

Family Links is a free and confidential service.

Where is it available?

Family Links is available in the Berrigan, Edward River, Federation, Greater Hume, Hay, Lockhart, Murray River, Murrumbidgee and Wagga Wagga local government areas.

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Having a group like this reinforces that you’re not alone

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