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Do you need help for a family member or yourself? Intereach provides a wide range of information, services and support that will help you to live well, lead the life you want and participate in your local community. We support children, young people, families, older people, carers and people with a disability in a range of different ways. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is available where you live. We work alongside you and your family to find the right support that suits your personal situation.

Click below to read more, contact us, or drop in for a chat. We get an idea of your situation and then suggest some things that might help, such as:

  • An Intereach service that suits you;
  • Information about other services that might help; and
  • Help to access other support.

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A first Australian Aboriginal woman, with shoulder length grey hair, dressed in a shirt designed with Aboriginal artwork.

Aboriginal people

Listening with respect to provide support

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A woman who is standing in front of a kitchen sink. The sink is framed by a window in the background. The window has lace hanging curtains. She is drying a piece of crockery with a pink, green and white colored cloth tea-towel. This woman is a carer of older people and or people with a disability


Staying well to continue your caring role

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A little girl who is wearing a long red coat with small white polka dots. She is mixing dirt and water with a large wooden spoon in a yellow colored bowl.


Getting the best out of life for your children

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A woman is holding four balloons which are floating upwards from her in the air. There are two yellow, one black and one red balloon. She smiling joyfully and gazing up in the direction of the balloons. She is wearing glasses, a long grey coat and a green coloured scarf. She is positioned sideways to the camera.


Building communities that are a good place to live

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A woman and a man smiling to the camera. The woman has blonde hair which is tied back on to her head. She is wearing a black shirt and pants and the shirt is covered with a red cardigan. The man is sitting on the seat of his walking frame. His walking frame is a piece of equipment which provides additional support to an individual when walking or standing. He has greying hair which is cut short. He is dressed in black pants and a white button up shirt. There are green leafy shrubs in the background.


Enabling you to live the life you choose

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Three men standing side by side face the camera. They are all wearing pants, shirts and jackets. The man who is standing in the middle has a male child sitting on his left hip. The child is dressed in a short tee-shirt, grey tracksuit pants with a black stripe down the outer leg seam. The child is leaning in towards and against man who is holding him. The man standing on the right is holding a digeridoo. There are green leafy shrubs in the background.


Developing strong and connected families

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A first Australian Aboriginal man standing and grinning towards the camera. He has black and gray hair. He is wearing a red, white and black Rugby union jumper. He is standing beside a white cinderblock building with two cars, coloured red and white, in the background. The skyscape features deciduous trees whose leaves are turning brown.

Mental Health

Realising your potential to be well

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Corner of a ‘Hills Hoist’ clotheslines with three items of clothes hanging to dry on it. Two women are standing underneath and to the corner of the clothesline, One of the woman is about to hang another item of clothing on it. A large tree full of leaves and corner of garden shed appear in the background.

Older people

Staying independent and active in the local community

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